Equipment Repair

Most farmers experience down time from equipment repairs. Repairs are frustrating and can be overwhelming. We diagnose the problem anywhere – at the shop, on the farm, and in the field – in a timely manner. We’re about a thorough repair the first time around. So every day can be a good day on your farm.

Talk to one of our mechanics to schedule a maintenance or repair.

Who should I talk to?

All of the mechanics on our team work on any and all pieces of equipment. Although our mechanics do have their areas of specialization, feel free to call and we will get you to an available mechanic who can answer your questions.

  • Augers (Westfield): Chris
  • Combines and Heads: Hector, Justin, Mike, Ryan, and Trevor
  • Parts: Tyler
  • Planters: Hector, Mike, and Ryan
  • Semi Trucks (farm owned and operated): Justin, Ryan, and Trevor
  • Small Engines: Joe
  • Sprayers (Fast): Chris
  • Tractors: Chris, Joe, Justin, Paul, and Trevor