Applicators, Grain Carts, Gravity Wagons, Hay Wagons, Header Transporters, Seed Tenders, and Soil Conditioners.

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Grain Carts

Call for your price after selecting model, wheels/tires, and optional add-ons.

  • 525 to 1,400 bushel capacity options
  • 14″ to 22″ front folding single auger for greater visibility
J&M 1151 with a single undercarraige has a list price of $57,875 before wheels/tires and add-ons. The 1151 model holds 1,150 bushels and has a 22″ auger.

Seed Tenders

Call for your price after selecting model and optional add-ons.

  • EC270 Economy SpeedTender has a 270 bushel capacity.
  • LC290ST to LC535ST, Bulk SpeedTenders, have a 290 to 535 bushel capacity.
J&M 290LC (SpeedTender): The 290LC has a list price of $36,150 before add-ons. The 290LC holds 290 bushels and has an 8″ round tube conveyor.

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